sloping existing concrete floor

castlevania: the dracula x chronicles

next, climb over the box on the ground, then smash the concrete on the upper floor to make a path to the upper floor. obtain the big heart from the broken concrete, then head right. watch out for the spear guards below, they can attack you from below. destroy the three candles nearby and get the clock. from now on, if you want to get a secret item later, you have to keep the clock no matter

metro: 2033 redux

ahead of you is a subway car. on the first floor is ammo, a gas mask filter, a gas mask, and a wire trap with a grenade. go all the way through the car and exit out the other side by some stairs for a **flash point**. take the stairs up. there are 3 mgbs on the ground on the top floor near the round hole in the floor. by the stairs there is

nioh: complete edition

we can go strht into the wooded area up the slope or right into the houses. we're going to do both of course, but let's go right first. note the corpse leaning against the wall as well. inside the first house to the right we can't get into the left one is a raider, to let him see you, back away, and kill him. there is a chest in here. up ahead are two raiders that you'll have to

grand theft auto: vice city

1. reverse until your back wheel is pushing up against the low concrete wall. you need as much of a run-up as you can get here. you now want to speed back east, the way you've just come, following the painted arrows along the floor, and up the little slope. although it doesn't look steep enough, you'll fly over the low wall and across the

gran turismo 4

the uniformed observer misses the point that on the racetrack, everyone has their foot to the floor. the common method of passing is to out-brake your competition into a corner. by going 'deeper' into a turn, you can gain a lead over your competitor, but remember that this will change 'the line' the your car travels. you will now be on a different radius and you will need to adjust your

prison architect: nintendo switch edition

these can be built over dirt, concrete floors or any other existing surface. floorings are optional and can be expensive if you're covering large areas but some options like concrete tiles/floors on indoor corridors and concrete tiles or paving stones as outdoor paths will increase movement speeds. if there's a path nearby, people will use these in preference to walking on slower materials

fallout tactics: brotherhood of steel

the slope in front of you is mined with t45les like the minefield, but these are extremely hard to see. my trappers have never been able to detect them, much less disarm them. you can d a few mutants to walk into this convenient ambush with sniper fire. after 4-5 mutants have died on the slope, the mines are probably gone. at the top of the

architect picks for 10 best homes of the year

this property delivers with floor-to-ceiling windows and a wooden bridge-like structure that's incorporated seamlessly into the sloped landscape and creates a physical connection between the home

rwanda uses drones, solar power to lift health care

as a cement mixer whirs and tractors drive back and forth, workers in blue jumpsuits haul concrete blocks in wheelbarrows and manually bend rebar. emmanuel kamanzi, director of campus development

half-life 2: episode two

down slope, i turn the car around near the main building and leave it in the street beside the basement stairs. i enter the main building and explore its basement and 2 floors, i ggp all scs to free up the contents for the location and later use. i also collect a radiator and leave it in the 2nd floor room between balconies 1 and 2. when

shin megami tensei: persona 3

this is needed to start up the hanged man s. link. sometimes you will find people sitting around near the staircases instead of hanging out in the lobby area. ----- 3rd floor ----- this is the same as the previous floor except that it is the girls dorm area. sometimes you will find people sitting around near the staircases instead of hanging