pvc flooring plank rough surfaace wear resistant

installing cork floors in kitchen

i was just told by my contractor that the tile i wanted on my floor would be very expensive to lay because we'd have to pull up the vinyl and put down an underlayment, so i'm back to looking at cork and am getting very excited. does anyone have some experience with laying cork on a vinyl surface that is on a cl space or basement?

baldur's gate ii: the collection

at the 14th level they start gaining magic resistance. they also have other special abilities, such as lay on hands faster movement and some thief skills. the dback? they can't wear WPC or use two-handed weaponry. barbarian. the barbarian is a brute compared to the fighter. more vicious but less refined. he gets more hp, can berserk and moves faster. dbacks? can't wear full plate or

demon's souls

-timeline complete : rough chronological listing of events which have occurred in boletaria from the time of creation to the end of the game. ===== introduction ===== unlike most other games which reveal their story entirely through dialogue and cutscenes, much of demon's souls story beyond the basics is implied or has to be pieced together

crusader of centy

throw rio into the water to use him as a plank, and you can get the shoes from the chest. head out of iris, and follow the cyclone to the camellia desert. 23. camellia desert - monster hunt from the south entrance, hit the switch blocks to the north, then to the west, then head west to the previously abandoned city. enter the temple, and head up to the second floor. throw rio at the red switch


3 at the room with first underwater lever, swim to the surface and then slowly towards the wall. there will be a pass leading to another scuba gear. 4 later on, in the opened area, near the platform with crossbow ? go towards the far wall and dive for some stuff. 5 in the middle of the first plank, jump down for some rockets. just measure

grand theft auto: vice city

the clerk is standing just on the left as you enter. shop 8 - 'vinyl countdown' location: walk up the twin escalators actually inside the 'gash' shop onto its higher floor. turn left as you exit the shop and sprint right around the raised path, passing all the closed shops and police officers, until the path opens out by a bushy flowerbed. there's a rampage icon on that flowerbed. the shop


.-----. surviving pandora pandora, the planet where borderlands takes place, is one rough patch of land, and you will need all the help you can get in order to survive against bandits, skags, rakks, spiderants, and much more. your character's health bar is displayed at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. your hp

icewind dale ii

feats dnd031 o=====o aegis of rime: grants a permanent 5 cold resistance, and a 20% increase in cold damage. the cold resistance is nice for several areas, but there are other ways to achieve the same effect. and, since i tend to use fire based spells and attacks, the bonuses are a waste. ambidexterity: if you plan to have a character use two