how to build wood stairs over existing wood stairs

how do you build the ladder?

pieces of wood under stairs, along with pieces of pipe also some stuff the other side of stairs. just passed finley on the floor and on a barrel press space bar for help getting all the stuff then in inventry combine poles , wood and nails to assemble your ladder place under window hope that helps

beginner guide

make a bunch of pickaxes and start digging stairs down in the ground until you reach y:12 on your map. this floor level is where you are most likely to run into the better ores like diamond. as you pick up cobblestone go make stone pickaxes, work better than wood. also upgrade your weapon and other tools to stone. while digging you should run

how to make armenian bread

we pull over in front of whats supposed to be anna tatosyans bakery in the village of argel. theres no sign, and all we see is an open garage door. but then we get out of the car and smell the wood smoke. wearing a long dress covered with an apron and a pair of slippers, anna pops out of the bakery to greet us, her round, rosy cheeks shining as she guides us inside, where a deep hole

lego harry potter: years 1-4

some objects can be freely moved while being wl'ed. move them around with the control stick. quite often, you need to build something by doing this. position the piece where you want it and it can 'snap' into place. when building stairs, this is essential to secure the piece, otherwise it may tip and fall over when you jump on it. lumos - white

change the default margins of your word 2007 documents

if all your documents require the same formatting, such as margins, you don't need to set the specs each time. here's how to set a default for each of your word 2007 documents, so you won't have

golden fortnite tips

when climbing mountains, your stairs dont have to go one way. be prepared to stop, turn 180 degrees, then continue gaining height back the way you came. this can make your route easier to block/tougher to follow as well as make it less predictable for people watching you. you can uncrouch with your build tool out by using the jump button.


make a simple small table 3x wood a simple stool 2x wood and a simple supper set 2x wood . then find some place near the chest of cabbage, not in a room, and place the table down, the stool next to it, and the supper set on the table itself to make a dining table. he will be happy and you're done with him. go ring that bell.

lego harry potter collection

a3: follow hall until you reach the stairs, the device to make them move is in the back by the 1st radio. for the 2nd stairs zap painting and use wl to build plunger. to get through the turnstiles, use wl to get your partner through and then switch character to get the other one through. you will need to zap the hanging by the sleeping wizard

vault building tips

i'm actually a little bored of the vault i'm building now and might start over with a more rickety type vault. since the pre existing vaults where made before the war, vault tec had access to all kinds of machinery to build them. i wanted to create a settlement with the idea that the lone survivor and some settlers built what they could with

dampe's dungeon adventure

it finds the two sets of stairs that are closest and connects those. then it finds the next two closest sets of stairs and connects them, and so on. this can make it difficult to predict which two sets of stairs will connect after the first set. if youre having trouble connecting the stairs you want, press the y button to check your dungeon