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types of flooring in india #9: linoleum flooring best suited for places at home with low footfall. linoleum is an eco-friendly flooring material produced from materials like linseed oil, cork, dust and resin. a cost efficient and highly versatile (in terms of design) flooring option, it’s very popular in indian homes.

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your article had some great tips for choosing a material for our new deck, and i liked how you said to consider composite wood over natural wood, as it needs no treatments and will end up saving us about $23,000 a year in the long run. thanks; we’ll keep this in mind when choosing the best material for our future deck.

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stone inlay is a traditional flooring treatment, which finds a place in many of the palaces and old mansions in india. it’s perfect for a home with a luxury theme, but can also be used in a living room to glam up the space. wood deck flooring. also read : the best flooring materials for humid regions in india.

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of course, careful consideration needs to be given to the suitability of a particular flooring material depending upon the area where it is being used, especially with the extreme temperatures and the monsoon season that affects most parts of the country. we’ve put together 10 different ideas to present the best options suitable for indian homes.

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