tile bathroom walls how far up walls typical

floor 5: rip suites

suck up the towels for potential loot, but make sure to grab the stack of bills and gold bar in the top-right corner of the room on a shelf. there is also paper on the wall you can suck up to reveal a hole, which you can peek through to see where you found the red gem. to the south, suck the laundry baskets to find bills flying out.

from 1950-1990: 10 home design trends that endure

but others -- like the pastel bathroom tiles of the '50s -- are back in a big way and seem likely to go in and out of fashion over time. considering a renovation project sometime soon? many

never put your speakers on the floor

never put your speakers on the floor. that's just plain wrong, because putting any small speaker down there forfeits a major share of its sound quality.

5 great gadgets under $50

there's nothing sexy about a wall wart, but this one is the closest we've found to a universal charger -- and it only costs about $31. use the usb-c pd power delivery port for nearly anything

grand theft auto v

proceed through the archway here to find a car. climb on top of this and from here jump up to the roof above and sneak on into the open window. now that we are inside, a smaller map will appear in the mini-map slot. we need to avoid the residents here. they are marked on the mini-map as red dots. we'll enter into a bathroom. wait for the girl

kohler brings alexa and connectivity to your bathroom

speak, shower and shave: kohler brings smarts to your bathroom. kohler wants to put amazon's alexa in your bathroom mirror and bring your toilet, your tub and your shower online.

help with in-wall ethernet ports

i have ethernet ports in the walls around my house. so pretty much i want to be able to connect my modem into an ethernet port with a cable and then use a cable to connect my pc into a ethernet port.

google's 20th anniversary: breakthroughs but also

google's 20th anniversary: breakthroughs but also controversy. the world's biggest search engine is two decades old today. the companys head of search looks back.

good bones tv listings, tv schedule and episode guide tv

find out when and where you can watch good bones episodes with tvguide's full tv listings - you'll never miss another moment from your favorite show

2nd floor room, how much weight is safe?

commando: haha wow, thanks for the detailed information it's very reassuring :d the walls here are brick, although the wall they are next to is a plasterboard wall meeting with the next bedroom same in the room below and i'm not sure how different building regs are here in the uk, but i would assume roughly the same, so it still puts me at ease.

high utility bills? your thermostat might be on the wrong wall

put your thermostat in a room that is one of the most used, on the interior wall, for the best results. if you have a smart thermostat, be sure that it is unobstructed by doors, bookshelves or

top tile installation deals at mysimon compare prices

tile 3d - bathroom design - free download and software download.cnet.com. tile 3d will be equally useful for both tile store staff and for people professionally engaged in interior design. this program could be used to demonstrate to your clients how one or another

mahjong and wareme mahjong

the rest of the tiles are put into a d pile represented by a counter in the info window at the center. fourteen tiles are put into a 'dead wall' that is not dn from normally. play starts with the first person to d from the wall, place the tile in their hand, then discard one tile, always keeping thirteen tiles in their hand. play will