recycled wooden balcony railing

floor 6: castle macfrights

you can even take the five coins on the wooden railing to the south. with luigi, head down the next set of stairs until you come across another of the same trap. luigi's reflexes will stop you from getting really hurt. have gooigi save the day by walking casually through the spikes, and tugging on the rope on the other side to reinitiate the

recipe list

'general directives' is found in a treasure chest in the fortress of fear - level 3. after entering level 3 from level 2 - exterior go west to find the chest against the balcony railing at the end of the hallway.

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crafting material locations

on a barrel next to the chopped wood under the tower. kerosene. 1. in the work shed under the watch tower. kerosene. 1. on a barrel just outside the work shed. rag. 1. on the barrel at the bottom of the stairs of the watch tower. rag. 1. on a work table on the observation deck. scrap. 1. in the work shed under the watch tower. scrap. 1

paper towels actually carry germs, study shows

however, recycled towels were the most heavily contaminated. 'in our study, the concentration of bacteria in the recycled paper was between 100- to 1,000-fold higher than the virgin wood pulp

thief: deadly shadows walkthrough

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uncharted 4: a thief's end

there's a toy soldier on one of the wooden benches at the back of the area and then you can follow the driveway to the back of the mansion. wait for sam to climb up to give you a hand and then jump on the roof behind you to jump to the windowsill. you can now make your way to the balcony above and enter the attic.

home again with bob vila

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