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wring the cloth out well, you don’t want to over-saturate the wood paneling. wipe the surfaces of the paneling with the bleach and water. the bleach will kill the mold on the surface. follow with a dry cloth to remove any excess moisture. until the source of the moisture and mold is found, the mildew and mold will continue to appear on the

moldy wall paneling: how to find hidden mold behind

remove basement paneling to expose hidden mold: in this photo of me pulling open the edge of basement paneling more than 20 years ago, we found that a large mold colony had been generated on the drywall surface hidden behind the wood paneling.

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mold has the ability to grow in a number of different places and includes behind paneling, especially basement wood paneling. the only thing necessary for mold to grow is moisture, a little darkness, and some humidity. this explains why it is so common to find behind these places in the basement. mold can be dangerous […]

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locate the moldy areas. when mold is growing behind paneling, you may not have any visual indication that it is there. instead, you should consider the conditions in the room to determine the most likely areas for mold to have taken hold. any areas with leaks, flooding or excessive moisture are likely to have developed a mold problem.

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“what’s unique about this building is it’s full of wood paneling (and) that wood is where most of the problem lies,” sanders said. “with the humidity we have, there’s mold spores

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as the collective nfl world saw it, he'd either be the best thing since sliced bread, or the mold hiding behind the wood paneling in the basement. it turned out to be the former, with vander esch

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the ugly. if there is mold on the front of your paneling, there's a good chance that there is also mold on the back, and it may have infected the wall framing.