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marine applications. the marine market is making a splash in the composites industry with innovative designs made possible with inventive fabrication techniques. fabricators have used composites on everything from ferries and boats, and kayak to submarines and naval vessels.

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3.0 marine application: the first marine application of fiber reinforced polymer (frp) composite material was in the construction of boats shortly after world war ii. boat builders began to use frp composites instead of timber, which was traditionally used in small maritime craft, because wood was becoming

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exotic wood species, material strengths, joinery techniques, composites/lamination, lab color-matching, and advanced finishing products with cad and cam are used to deliver in-house design

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wood, on the other hand, swells and shrinks as the humidity changes. composites are low maintenance in an application such as a residential deck, this is critical. composite decks can be cleaned with soap and water, while wood decks need to be regularly power washed, inspected for rot, sanded and stained.

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composite materials have been used in the marine industry for a number of years. the more traditional applications for composites include gratings, ducts, shafts, piping, hull shells, etc for several decades. wood and ferrocement are some of the other composites techniques that are still being used for marine applications. marine composite

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composites useful for the marine industry. mar-bal’s composite materials are the choice for all types of watercraft and applications across the marine industry. the marine environment exposes all types of watercraft, submersibles, offshore structures, and other marine structural applications to ongoing environmental challenges.