coloured fence panels cornwall

lego indiana jones: the original adventures

3: inside the first room of the palace is a thuggee access panel, use the panel and folow the path of dark colored floor panels to get to an artifact part. 4: nearby in the same room is a scholar access panel, use it and go to the back of the room, step on a switch and ride the moving platforms to get to an artifact part. 5: in the same room as

syberia 3

use oscars heart from inventory, open the two top caps by lifting and connect the now interactive pipes, they will insert if close enough when released. now the brass colored dome cap is interactive as is the bolt holding it, use the l wrench and open the cap to finish this pair of objectives for now, return to the krystal objectives.

disgaea d2: a brighter darkness

the green panels have no entry and invincible on them, meaning they don't come into play here, but a good portion of the field is covered in red panels, with it having no lifting, recovery 20%, def 50% and ally lonely on them. ally lonely is a new effect that makes it so if any of your characters land on a panel with it, no other characters of yours can go onto those panels. as far as the

fable ii

stepping on the colored panels on the floor allow you to clear the sides of the arena with ease. it's pretty key to a quick round i did mine in about 40 seconds if i recall correctly . the balverines are cake. the troll is close. it's tough to get this final round, especially if you get nervous under the pressure of perfecting all the other rounds. it's still nothing too difficult, just dodge

lego pirates of the caribbean: the video game

follow the pattern until you can get close to jones. if you mess up, pirates will be unleashed and you'll have to pull the chains to stop them coming out. both characters have to step on each colored panel if playing by yourself, the computer will figure it out and step on the other one for you . once all three are hit, you can approach jones

lego batman: the videogame

canister 6 free play : use the attract suit to suck up all the colored blocks in the lower floor of the club, then use them on the container to make a helicopter. control it at the green panel with the tech suit, then fly it towards the lights near the front. fly in front of each of the ten little lights to turn them green and make this

project: snowblind

fire it at the blue panel. go near the panel so that you hack into it. use one of the turrets to take out the bot. enter the next room and follow the path to your next yellow dot. grab the pistol and carbine nearby and exit the room. follow the path on your left. you will see multiple ways. head right. follow the path until you see a ramp. go up and enter the room here. talk to the guard. he

disney epic mickey 2: the power of two

the reparation of the giant robot head will also turn the water in the fountain to paint. just for your curiosity, in regards to the cart/control panel in the tunnels before, once there is paint instead of water you become able to use the control panel to move the cart in the tunnel on the tracks. this makes the cart smash through the wall