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our favorite butchers

l. simchick prime meats and fresh poultry crams an impressive selection into only about 400 square feet in a building thats housed a butcher shop for the last 120 years. leonard simchick opened his shop in 1992, and now its the neighborhood place for private chefs and serious home cooks.


curiously, the cost of real estate was mentioned in another post here. wegman's store under construction in the washington suburb, sterling, va, will be 135,000 square feet of retail space not the overall size of the store but that is the amount of available floor selling space which will be their largest. the size of the building including

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youll need full sunlight for these green beans as well as a trellis or pole to yield the most beans per square foot of garden space. check out our green bean recipes for ideas on making use of your harvest. cucumbers are another easy plant to grow. they like sunlight, growing support, and warm temperatures, but theyre good in containers

woodman's-the biggest; wegman's-the best and

sheer size is attracting people. but per square foot i do not believe these stores even approach similar sales per square foot of the stores i mentioned above. as for their success in their relative market i would also note their overhead. three registers open at 5:30 in the evening in a 250,000 square foot store is not a lot.

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you don't need to worry about granite cracking, you need to worry about the surface of it. some granite is not so impervious to the effects of hot pans and can be damaged or 'burnt', in part because granite is treated with a sealer.

cook breakfast in your coffeemaker

it turns out you can use your coffeemaker to make a whole lot more than coffeewhich is handy if you travel a lot, or are living in the dorms at college. we

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there's variability in locations that are less than 10 miles apart. they have exceptionally high profitability per square foot, so a hit in one area that may be a dud in another is cleared out for something better.

our favorite butchers

you can purchase dressed, packaged half lambs for $123, a whole lamb for $230, or a 30-pound medium package of beef for $195, but get a group of friends to go in with you because delivery costs $1 per pound, minimum $150 can add up. big bluff ranch, 530 529-2291, www.bigbluffranch.com

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as a result, i never look at or care about the things that i can easily fix or change. i can't easily change the number of bathrooms, or the number of square feet in the master bedroom, or turn a two story house into a single story house, but i sure as heck can change the color of paint in the spare bedroom or replace an appliance that i don't