acorn veranda hp deck

wild arms alter code: f

cure with a peppy acorn. unable to fight - when a character runs out of hp, or is hit successfully with fallen instant death . when a battle ends, this can be cured at the cost of the vit gauge. during battle, it can only be cured by using a revive fruit. confusion - affected character uses random attacks against enemy and ally alike until it wears off. cure with a pinwheel, or end the battle

luigi's mansion: dark moon

now make your way to the north. use your poltergust to grab the fallen snowman's head and shot it at a wall for some gold. now locate the sled to the southeast. use your darklight to reveal a portrait; use the darklight again to grab the coins in the portrait. go to the porch. head west and vacuum the snow up as you make your way along the deck

kingdom hearts hd 1.5 remix

the green one is the hit points hp gauge and reflects the amount of health said character has left. once it falls below a certain point, a warning alarm will sound off, and the gauge will flash red. the blue gauge shows your magic points mp . mp decrease when spells are cast. some abilities consume mp as well. the orange bar is the charge gauge. once it fills up to a certain point, it is

beyond the beyond

ramue has tens of thousands of hp and unless you level up all your characters outrageously, you wont be able to defeat her. the total prize for defeating ramue and the two ork lords is 1024 experience and 400 gold. individually, ramue herself will give you 900 exp. and 300 gold, while the ork lords will give you 62 exp. and 50 gold each.*** once the puzzle is solved, the pastor will appear

.hack//g.u. vol. 2//reminisce

if you're doing crimson vs, be sure to switch your deck around to dominate the opponents until the next time we progress in the story. dol dona-- invite silabus and gaspard, but don't pick up that quest just yet. 8 spectating exposed vagabond-- clear like normal, raise your morale, and the only new enemy here is a boss. ***entowol*** hp: 3315 really, this should not be hard if you know the

kingdom hearts

they release hp balls when defeated, and that's pretty much the only point of them existing. ----- q: during the destiny islands series of cutscenes involving donald, goofy, daisy, and queen minnie, donald asks daisy if she can 'take care of-,' at which point daisy cuts him off and says, 'of course.' what are they talking about? this was a question that had plagued me for a while. in fact, no

dragon quest v: tenkuu no hanayome

talk to all the sailors on the deck before going down the stairs below deck. after talking to the sailors down here all the barrels are empty and the chests are locked , head back upstairs and enter the captain's cabin. when you finish talking to everyone, leave the cabin the ship will arrive at vista. the captain will tell you to go get papas. your father mentions something about you being

shepherd's crossing

once you plant your grape vines, you'll have to wait a long time until they produce grapes. if you plant in acorn or no grass fall or winter , the grape vines will grow all throughout dandelion and grape spring and summer , and you should get at least some ripe grapes during the first few days of acorn. grapes only ripen during acorn. since it'll be a long wait, see the side quest subsection

the witcher 3: wild hunt

open your gwent deck, remove your weakest standard card from your nr deck and replace it with the card mysterious elf. make sure mq: brothers in arms - skellige is selected, then warp to bridge to kaer trolde sp, make sure the qo 'talk to cerys' is selected and then report to the qm. following the white dots at this point will lead you into a

secret of evermore

here is a list of items: petal - restores 40 hp 50 with moxa stick nectar - restores 120 hp 150 with moxa stick honey - restores 300 hp 375 with moxa stick essence - also sometimes called herbal essence, cures poison, confound and plague; the effect is the same as the cure formula. pixie dust - revives you once to 76 hp after you die; the

.hack//g.u. vol. 2//reminisce

----- crimson vs is a very simple game that actually plays by itself. you create a deck which consists of one general card and three unit cards. then you register the deck and the game handles the rest automatically. tutorial ----- when you first run the crimson vs program from the altimit mine os screen, a short tutorial will appear. the

wild arms 2

----- wild arms 2: second ignition monster data faq by: david jameson last updated: 2000/06/03 ----- i've compiled this faq in hopes of reducing the amount of traffic on the message board concerning monster locations, where to steal items, and where to acquire marivel's red skills mea culpa, i readily admit to being part of the problem, so i'll try to become part of the solution .

dragon quest v: tenkuu no hanayome

papas tells you to walk around on deck to get some air and clear your head. leave the cabin, but be sure to check the dresser for a medical herb. go out onto the deck and talk to the sailors. the sailor closest to you will tell you that the captain is in his cabin, if you want to talk to him. the sailor at the helm says you'll reach the port of vista soon. he goes on to say that he's surprised

mario and luigi: bowser's inside story

will occur, after which you get control of the mario bros. bowser's world map head to the nose deck. nose deck go into the air current upon arriving. for this minigame, you are to use the stylus to move mario and luigi around. by hitting the lighter, yellow pollen particles, you'll bounce them into the nasal walls and