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icewind dale ii

on one of his fishing trips near targos, his small boat capsized near the maer dualdon shore. he held onto his prize catch, an 'unbelievably massive' knucklehead trout, despite being charged by a hungry bear when he reached shore. the bear snatched the majority of the trout away from ned, leaving him holding the poor fish's tooth-severed head. ned walked the rest of the way to targos and kept

sid meier's alpha centauri

you've got to research two techs before you can even start building a boat, and then you must begin exploring the planet at the less-than-lightning-fast rate of three or four squares per turn. on the other hand, setting oceans to a minimum may well create a game where all the factions wind up starting on the same continent cloud cover: a more subtle option. impacts the amount of rainfall the

final fantasy vi advance

- final fantasy iiius ad 'the oc guide to beating the game while rabid and one-armed making clever use of a wall' - imzogelmo contents no number: contents foreword 11/14/2005, by imzogelmo 1.0 version history 2.0 introduction 3.0 set-up of the document, and slang you're going to start recognizing 4.0 the walkthrough 5.0 menus and game options: as boring as a concrete floor in math class 6

lost odyssey

once you're done, head down to the next floor. the door on floor 9 leads to bargel's inn, where you can grab a seed. now go down to floor 7. there's nothing in the room on this floor, but you can grab a mana prime by the stairs, which aren't blocked here. if you go up a level, you can get 1000g on the far side of the hallway. now run all the

baldur's gate ii:ee

note, however, that if you are a fighter multi-class, you get the highest benefit of your constitution, meaning a fighter/cleric with a constitution score of 18 would get a 4 bonus to their hit points per composite level, instead of only 2 as a single- classed character would. triple-class characters work the same way, except their hit points

lost odyssey

check the two pots on the ground in front of it for an aqua bomb and 10g . you should then enter the inn, which is to the right of where you first entered the square. on the first floor of the inn, there's a glowing plant on your right that you can examine for an anti-paralysis herb . there's another one to the right of the main desk that

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the two-story house has an open sun deck, a three-car garage, access to a boat slip and boathouse, a fireplace, breakfast bar, granite countertops, a spa-like master bath with double vanities and