cost of terrazzo flooring australia

atlantis' tidal power project underway in scotland for new

the technology, however, is expensive -- about twice the cost of wind generated power. but backers say the costs will come down quickly because tidal is adapting technology already used in the

apple's 'spaceship'

apple's massive new headquarters complex in cupertino, california, is nicknamed the 'spaceship.'ceo tim cook and cbs news' charlie rose took in a panoramic view of the site under construction in

sunken treasure from a 500-year-old shipwreck

sunken treasure from a 500-year-old shipwreck. share; tweet reddit flipboard email the story goes back to europe's golden age of exploration, when trade routes were just being established to india

projectors vs. tvs: giant-screen pros and cons

cost lastly, there's cost. though there are some sub-$1,000 projectors on the market that are quite decent, to get really good picture quality, you have to pay a bit more.

smart smoke detector buying guide

the roost costs $35 or £40 about au$50 , looks and acts like a 9v, connects to your wi-fi network and sits in your smoke detector like any other battery. except unlike a normal battery, you'll

gi bill, a game-changer for veterans, turns 70

more than 20 million veterans have received their college educations since the original gi bill in 1944 at a cost of $120 billion

portraits of war veterans show true cost of war

portraits of war veterans show true cost of war. share; tweet reddit flipboard email chicago -- it's pretty easy to miss the non-descript building on chicago's north side. but one floor up is the

inside syria, american doctors work to save lives, and

in the civilized world, hospitals are off-limits in war. but in syria, the dictatorship of bashar al assad is hitting hospitals, relentlessly, killing more than 800 doctors and medical workers.