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the perennial

the perennial - review mariacarmen mar 1, 2016 09:21 pm 2 the perennial, run by the husband-and-wife team of anthony mynt and karen leibowitz, along with chef chris kiyuna , is being touted and self-touted as a true locally-sourced, eco-friendly, self-sustaining, lower-carbon-footprint restaurant the wave of the future.


hi, your cousin has that a slightly wrong. the power supplies are the same all over the world inside 110-240v , but on the north american console it only says 120v on the outside label. the

turbografx-16 platform

the turbografx-16, or pc engine, is a console that was marketed as the first 16-bit console. it was for some time the market leader in japan, but failed to capture a large market share in north america. it was best known for featuring the first cd-rom peripheral, the turbografx-cd. it also introduced features such as a multitap peripheral, internal save memory, and ram expansions.

lost in blue 2

push the second black block from the bottom on the left side twicenow push the bottom red block onto the red goal tile, then push the top red block onto the top red goal tile. proceed to the next room. the next room is a little tricky. first off, leave jack at the start of the level. the room should look something like this: the trick in this room is to have the room do the work for you. push

the biggest buildings in the world, ranked

6 volume : boeing composite wing center 977.4 million gallons on its everett, washington campus, boeing invested more than $1 billion to open an assembly site for the wings of its largest

17 android 7.0 nougat features you need to know

a proper clear-all. it's a tad hidden, but google now includes a clear-all button to close all open apps with a tap. scroll to the top of the preview cards, where you'll find the new button.

jagged alliance 2 faq/strategy guide

for jagged alliance 2 on the pc, faq/strategy guide by nd. jagged alliance 2 guide by andy 'nd' chorosinski ndchoros about this guide the guide has its origins in my earlier project called 'jagged alliance 2 npcs faq', which after some revisions was incorporated here as section 6.

season a pizza stone?

i've had some unglazed tiles for baking for a few years, but recently found a williams-sonoma pizza stone in a thrift shop for a couple of bucks. the w-s stone seems to be some sort of composite material, very unlike the tiles. could the difference in recommendations for care be due to a difference in materials?

qualcomm and google's new wearos smartwatches finally get

music most of the time you might just use a smart watch like a watch. now that's what qualcomm and google might be planning on for the next generation for unknown smart watches coming this