wood plastic application in automotive industry

17 ways to use distilled vinegar beyond cooking

17 unusual uses. vinegar is a multiuse powerhouse. while it may primarily serve as a versatile cooking ingredient, it does so much more.. for example, it's an all-natural cleaner and a deodorizer

cuisinart's pellet grill cooks with wood or charcoal

cuisinart's pellet grill cooks with wood or charcoal. cuisinart's new barbecue lets you smoke or sear with Seven Trust pellets or tried-and-true charcoal.

10 industries 3d printing will disrupt or decimate

automotive: this industry is already utilizing the technologyford reportedly uses 3d printing to test parts. high-end and smaller auto companies will benefit first, though 3d printing could

which industries use the most robots?

without embracing automation, the industry may have been less competitive and smaller, muro said. 'while the map is familiar, that's an auto map. i was surprised how much that is true,' muro said

virtual buttons could make your 2020 phone more waterproof

virtual buttons could make your 2020 phone more waterproof. ultrasense thinks its technology will be more reliable than physical buttons and just as easy to use.

america's 10 toughest jobs to fill in 2017

this relatively new profession is in hot demand at companies across almost every type of industry. with the vast amount of data that's being generated by online applications, industries are hiring

new car smell is toxic, study says: which cars are worst

the industry trade group global automakers and car company kia motors america had no comment when reached by healthpop, and the auto alliance, chrysler motors, mitsubishi motors did not respond

ford and mcdonald's brewed up a way to make car parts out

ford and mcdonald's brewed up a way to make car parts out of coffee waste. the new process uses coffee chaff, a byproduct of the coffee roasting product.

five qualities from vintage appliances we need today

once upon a time, bright colors ruled home-appliance designs, thanks in large part to the influence of the auto industry. during the 1960s, numerous appliance brands were owned by car companies

2019 la auto show: roadshow's favorite debuts

seltos in the front, party in the back. nick miotke/roadshow wouldn't you know it, another los angeles auto show has come and gone. it's been a week of big-time debuts here in southern california