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wild arms 2

*** side quest: shining garden *** sleep in the guild galad inn a few times and talk to the woman outside. when she reveals the location of a rumored dungeon, take the hovercraft in the inner sea to the n shore, where there's a thin strip of an island with a beach. search there to reveal the shining garden. see the side quests section of this

brave fencer musashi

enter the door and walk up to the first pit. tan and brown tiles pop out of the sides of this pit, allowing you to get across, however, only one color tile will be out at a time. when the brown tiles come out, the tan tiles will retract. time your jumps and you should make it easily across. if you happen to fall in it, simply enter the door at

rollercoaster tycoon: loopy landscapes

----- 5. landscaping ----- landscaping is a very important aspect of rct, as it makes a park a theme park rather than a ratty old carnival. paths: place benches on every 7 to 10 squares of path, more if there is a shop or a rollercoaster nearby. also place garbage cans on every 10 to 15. and although it isn't as important, place lamps by all

all xbox 360 video game releases

download an all-new spagonia adventure play four daytime and two nighttime levels from a beautiful area filled with cobble stoned streets, outdoor cafes, red-rooftops and old buildings rich with history. this pack includes three brand new stages and three new missions. be sure and download the other location packs to unleash the full sonic

the legend of zelda: twilight princess

now, head east either by running across the bridge and dodging the tile creatures or else you can run alongside the right column of tiles , or swimming most of the way on the southern side and getting up on the bridge at the end. head up, and then climb the vines to the north next to the wooden barricade. on the cliff, open the chest for a red


first, load up g3 in your favorite word processor microsoft word is what i use . next, change the page setup to landscape, and then change the page layout to have 1' margins while you're at it. now, you need to go back and select the entire document i.e. highlight the whole thing , then change its font style to courier 6-point type or your favorite fixed-width type . with the entire

the legend of zelda: oracle of ages

the biggest feature of the oracle games was that when you completed one, you got a password. this password could be entered into the other game when you started a new file, allowing you to start off with the wooden sword instead of looking for it and an extra heart container. it also unlocked additional content and many special items