anti slip timber decking boards

mana khemia: alchemists of al-revis

if you pick the anti-element, the e-level will decrease by 10 points. water's anti-element is fire, fire's anti-element is wind, wind's anti- element is earth, and earth's anti-element is water. if there is no anti-element, then there is no reaction. on the other hand, the neutral icon causes the e-level to either increase or decrease by a random amount, or no reaction at all. tip: easy ether

family feud

no answer on the board that gave points can be answered again, though any answer that was said previously and gave no points is fine to say normally in the television game show even if the answer previously said resulted in no points, it could not be said again . once all questions have been answered or if time runs out, the board will display the rest of the answers given and the points they


examine the command console on the flight deck and choose aeos as your destination. a scene will occur and at its end, sarah will join the party. oh, my that was a surprise. sarah joins the list of symbol users in your party. she can cast wind-, thunder-, and light-elemental attack symbols. she can help with support symbols, too, and will be

2,000 year old 'computer' discovered: how tech and

the weather deck, upper deck, and quarterdeck were all still identifiable, and although the upper deck had been ruptured by ice, the holes allowed the two parks canada divers to peer down into the

knights of legend

they also have a high starting gold level, which means you can deck out a pirate in decent equipment at the very start of the game. if you use the pirate as a melee fighter which is probably better then he's best suited for one-handed weapons with medium WPC; they're not strong enough to wield heavy weapons or WPC. still, they can hold their own quite well, and while their starting

the urbz: sims in the city

dts wood countertop with sink - §200 countertop, dts wood with sink. if you don't already know how exclusive this item is, you don't deserve it. sterilife bathroom countertop - §50 once upon a time, people had to choose between elegance and anti-septic coating, but those days are long gone thanks to the people at sterilife. these counters are

age of empires iii

the houses cost 150 wood instead of the usual 100, but the fact that you get a peasant with each one means that you're spending 50 wood per new peasant, rather than 100 food each time. and you're also building houses at the same time. remember this and don't go wasting tons of food on building settlers from the town centre. your peasants no longer have the task of repairing your buildings