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age of empires ii: the age of kings

the chu ko nu was something like a semi-automatic crossbow. it was fitted with a magazine of bolts. when the operator pulled back the bowstring, a new bolt was automatically loaded. when the bowstring reached its limit, the weapon fired automatically. the operator pulled back as quickly as he could to maintain a rapid fire. the weaknesses of

what is a good 'gaming' mouse

i have a r.a.t right now which has broke with so many drops to the floor so ideally one that can withstand a drop would be good, i love the form factor which is why i didn't get any other brand before but they arent made anymore and i went through 1 or 2 a year due to them getting dropped to be clear i use a gaming chair and sometimes it would fall off side as no flat surface to keep it on

lumber liquidators seeks to reassure public about safety

lumber liquidators seeks to reassure public about safety. march 12, 2015 / 7:53 am / ap new york - shares of lumber liquidators slumped 5 percent in volatile premarket trading thursday before the

battlefield hardline

in other words after firing the last round in your magazine, you hit the reload button, remove the mag, switch out, switch back and then load a new magazine. this is more realistic and saves you time. the sa 12 shotgun see section 06a uses detachable magazines which means you can do a full reload more quickly but the 870, ithaca, spas and

tom clancy's splinter cell: chaos theory hd

interrogate him if you wish, then break his back and stab him. go back into the engine room, and from here it's just like the stealth version, except when you ocp the light, hide under the stairway, and d one of the guards off the catwalk on to the floor, you knife him when his back is to you. then go up the stairs, around the long way to