large shower wall panels

silent hill 4: the room

after reading it, check the opposite corner to find a red book on the table. you can use this to save your game whenever you wish. approach the door again, pass by the large chest sitting against the wall and it will automatically bring you to a little men. you can use this to store as many items as you want, since you can only hold ten things

serious sam: the second encounter

you start in a small ammo depot adjacent to a large yard. collect what ammo you can and leave through one of the doors. 3.a.b. move to the right from the entrance. new enemies will greet you at some point: zorg from beelmez iv, in their mercenary and commander varieties. follow the perimeter wall to the nearest corner to find this secret: cut down the tree in the corner, which will reveal a

prague, first visit

there is some minor loot to be found in ders. the vent in the wall does not lead anywhere interesting. the other building in the area that is accessible is marked as 'radko perry campn headquarters'. there is a large, green dumpster that you can move aside to reveal a vent that leads to the basement. the top floor of the hq is open and

kentucky derby horses get first-class treatment on air

though it's threatening to rain, the shower holds off until the boeing 727-200 finally lands at 1:21 p.m., despite a delay the night before. as the plane taxis to the cargo area, payne motions for

14 ways youre slowly killing your appliances

when you're using your large appliances, keep the doors closed as much as possible. opening an oven door can release around 25 degrees f of heat, according to the california energy commission. so

u by moen smart shower review: a warm welcome to the world

we have the u by moen smart shower set up in a freshly renovated bathroom in the cnet smart home-- complete with one large main showerhead, a handheld showerhead, and four body sprays built into

from japan, big dreams of the future images

luna ring project japanese construction company shimizu likes to dream big, as in moon solar panels and pyramid-city big. here are a few of the company's visions for the future.