composite wood vs chengal wood

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chengal wood decks will rarely need regular replacements as long as they are properly cared for. decks made from chengal wood appear sturdy and elegant because of the strength of this particular wood. compared to other wood materials, chengal seems to stand out hence preferred by most singaporeans.

floorings singapore: chengal decking vs balau decking

chengal wood has been used from long time for decking and in many other parts of the house. the strength, resistance and durability are really good for the chengal wood. the chengal wood which is installed must be matured or old chengal wood, else the decking will get rot within a couple of years after it is installed.

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chengal wood malaysia wood decking

chengal wood decking alternatives these days, mature chengal wood, such as those from a 80-year old tree has become scarce, and prized at a . as such, other timber alternatives have gained popularity. the 3 most common decking material alternatives to chengal wood in malaysia today are engineered wood, wood-plastic composite & cement

which type of decking materials is suitable for your home

which type of decking materials is suitable for your home? unlike natural wood decking, composite decks (commonly known as wood plastic composite) are quite easy to maintain as there is no