impact resistant posts and fencing

how to lead a successful data-literacy program: 6 steps

robust metrics to measure program impact; a rich and varied engagement model role- and maturity-based curriculum; the data literacy curriculum must target the entire organization. according to the

how would deporting undocumented workers affect the u.s

trump's wall to include fencing? trumps position on immigration has been formed by the view that undocumented workers are taking wages and jobs away from native-born and legal workers. but

10 most costly states to make an insurance claim

state farm also suggests considering an impact-resistant roof, which can even land you a seven trust discount. 10 most costly states to make an insurance claim minnesota neighborhood after the storm

intermittent fasting: what it is, how it works and why you

intermittent fasting: what it is, how it works and why you should try it. i fasted for nearly a year. i lost weight, yes, but there was an unexpected secondary benefit as well.

bidding has begun for trump's border wall

the current fencing of mixed construction, including 15-foot steel posts set inches apart that are designed to keep people from crossing and shorter posts that are intended to block cars. border

u.s. proposal would increase cost of tracking ancestors

we understand there may be processing costs associated with retrieving them, but this is highway robbery,' said mendelsohn, who founded the 'resistance genealogy' project that digs up historical

best printer if it will be idle for months?

i've tried several brands/types of printers for my boss's summer house. the printer often goes unused for 6 months or more. the print heads get clogged and fa

9 best jobs in america for 2018

6. electrical engineer: $76,000 getty images/istockphoto electrical engineers are in strong demand at the moment, thanks to the strong economy and need for professionals with engineering expertise.

remembering reagan's 'tear down this wall' speech 25 years

on june 12, 1987, former president reagan called on mikhail gorbachev to 'tear down' the berlin wall. cbs news looks back at the now-iconic speech - and how its most powerful line almost didn and 039

cold cases: talk of the town

the next morning, police found patty's body in the backyard, across the street from wehrung's home. she had been strangled and beaten, apparently with a fence post. patty's father broke the news

c/d: alert stance is the best skill in the game

30 avoid for waiting. lynchpin of many avoid base builds. i'm on the fence about calling it the best skill, mostly due to availability. a flying isn't exactly hard but it's not happening until halfway through the game at least.

the toll of the cobalt mining industry on health and the

cobalt mining's dangerous impact on workers and the environment. some women complained about the physical nature of the work, with one describing hauling 110-pound sacks of cobalt ore. 'we all

trump's interior secretary warns the border wall faces

fencing that is already in place is a mixture of various designs, including towering steel bollards designed to keep both people and vehicles from moving north and shorter steel posts aimed only