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squalor and splendor in basra

the story of basra is a tale of two cities, the town most people live in and the special inner city built for saddam hussein. correspondent scott pelley reports from iraq's second largest city.

medal of honor: pacific assault

medal of honour: pacific assault pc walkthrough by shaneo632 version 1.1 - 30th january 2005 e-mail: shaneo632 disclaimer ----- the following was all written by me, or submitted by those who intended for it to be used in this guide.

socom: u.s. navy seals

they are 1 an enemy directly west from hiding spot, around corner overlooking foot path 2 two foes patrolling southern footpath 3 enemy on a pond boat 4 baddie walking north-side pond path 5 foe inside western fortification, who can be sniped from its window or flanked by going through the pond and around back. once all six are toast

assassin's creed rogue

highlight them and perform a double assassination. free the pair of smugglers by the tent in front of you and then make your way to the nearby boat. now we need to hang from the back and scope out the deck. there are a total of six guards on the deck and fortuitously all but one of them will pose no threat as they have their backs turned to you


week in review: the most compelling pictures from the week's news, may 9-15, 2015. a nepalese soldier carries a young victim, who was hurt in an earthquake in nepal, from a u.s. marine corps uh-1y

driv3r walkthrough

the boat isnt a permanent vehicle; youll have to find a car. for now, drive the boat along the coastline and past the marine patrol. remain along the coast and spot the staircases that can

dan rather's convention journal

it's far too early, and far too close a race, to trot out the old line about rearranging deck chairs on the titanic. but how about: will changes in the captain's tower, will cries of 'iceberg

bp: oil spill containment try no 'guarantee'

'it's all over the place. we hope to get it cleaned up before it moves up the west side of the river,' said dustin chauvin, a 20-year-old shrimp boat captain from terrebonne parish, la.

the urbz: sims in the city

dig the sleek lines of rocket-ship and revel in the cottony comfort of deep space. this bed is out of this world available exclusively at moon base zeta. seat of tranquality crater chair - ยง710 when you need to escape the weight of the world, look no further than the 'seat of tranquality' crater chair. floating in zero-g can only match its

dean ford

a former marine biology teacher with a talent for art, stephen hillenburg august 21, 1961-november 26, 2018 , who grew up in oklahoma, far from an ocean, dreamed up the character spongebob

joint operations: typhoon rising walkthrough

joint operations: typhoon rising walkthrough our guide to joint operations gives you a run-down of the games myriad weapons, vehicles, and maps, with tips on how to play each class and how to