deck flooring without gap card

velodyne's tiny velabit packs a big lidar punch for just $100

well, the entire package fits into a box that measures 2.4 by 2.4 by 1.38 inches -- that's more diminutive than a deck of cards, for those of you without a ruler handy.


you still can only pass through areas with intermittent barriers, not the permanent ones. the location of each steam vent is shown on the in-game map with a point of interest marker. knowing where the intermittent barriers are, you can get through the floor without destroying every steam vent. each time you destroy a vent, though, you receive

what cards can i put in an exodia deck?

pot of greed abyss tower floor 100 - currently forbidden reload x3 double triple destiny d i usually put in a deck with fiends since there is a card cant remember the name that says every time you d a card if it is a fiend you may reveal it d another card this deck when made correctly can pull exodia on the first or second turn.

the witcher 3: wild hunt

bernard tulle plays with a northern realms deck and he has a large number of spy cards in his deck that he'll wheel out early on to get a large hand. it's also likely that you'll see several medic cards used during your games with him, so be ready for any spy cards you place on his side of the board or a high strength card or two to make a

unshuffled cards a costly headache for casinos

unshuffled cards a costly headache for casinos . august 21, 2012 / 11 it is so basic to the concept of gambling that it often goes without saying: the cards in the deck need to be shuffled

help with finding the black fungus enemy card?

enemy cards aren't bound by worlds or floors. what map card a black fungus heartless drops only varies on 1f; on any other floor, it's always a calm bounty card if not the enemy card. several other questions ask about the black fungus enemy, might help you to read those. here's a suggestion. collect a handful 3-5 of black room map cards. pick

how do you use riku's shortcut command?

keep in mind that your shortcut setting is wiped out when your deck changes, which happens frequently without notice in r/r. enter or leave a world or win a boss fight that gives you a new enemy card, and your deck has changed. so, to give some specific examples, there is no way to set a shortcut that you can use when you fight vexen or any of

in tag force 2 is there any way to use the forbidden cards

for yu-gi-oh gx tag force 2 on the psp, a gamefaqs answers question titled 'in tag force 2 is there any way to use the forbidden cards in a duel?'.

cards not working?

your foe has played a card with a value higher than anything in your deck -- an eight card, perhaps. while its card is in play, mashing x is wasted effort if the deck contains only lower-valued cards. instead, wait until the foe's card no longer appears in the middle lower portion of the screen and then play your next card. or if you have a

disc 2

cell 10.1 contains a save point. cell 11.2 contains a thundaga d point. 11.1 contains another card playing prisoner who charges 200g per game and has a very small chance of giving up a rosetta stone or hp up if you win. both cells on floor 12 are inaccessible so continue up the stairs to floor 13.

mega man x legacy collection 1 2 cheats, codes, and

this password has four known effects depending on how you execute it - the password is 7443 2241 1221. regardless of what you do, it will sound as a 'wrong' password, but the effects take effect nonetheless. if you enter the password without going into the demo, the game will hang upon gameplay beginning. if you enter the black screen moments

stop card?

you get your first stop card for a calm bounty in wonderland. you see, you have to obtain it from wonderland before it appears in moogle shops. after you get the first one, you usually have to buy the more expensive magic card packs to get another. the upside to this is that you'll get a few cloud cards during your purchasing. my suggestion

final fantasy fables: chocobo tales

besides, then people without 100% of the cards could see what the cards are, and strive to eventually in future updates complete the mini games they need to most to gather their cards to build their preffered deck. i hope that most people will see and use this faq. next to each of the cards and section there will be a listing to quick jump to it; for example, did you notice the <aqqq> next