high abrasion resistance timber

battle of the gardens

you may be ready to move on, but if you're at a reasonably high level enough to encounter high-level monsters at least , or willing to abuse tonberry's lv up, and don't have everyone stocked up with flare and pain magic just yet, consider fighting tri-face enemies here they appear in the center of the main hall, where cerberus was and the

centra ruins

haggle and sell-high are also great abilities they make shop transactions more profitable to you , but familiar is just too good to wait. call shop is nothing short of awesome late-game, but for now it's not much more than novelty, considering you're rarely far from a shop, so learn it after all the other 'shop' abilities.

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made to order in portland, oregon, from tear- and abrasion-resistant cordura with weatherproof zippers, the bag can be everything from a slim laptop backpack to a 28-liter carry-on. north st. also


for mugs and drops, if an enemy only has the item at certain levels, this will be indicated next to the enemy's name l = low, m = medium, h = high . as to which levels constitute low versus medium versus high, refer to the enemy's description, but most often 1-19 is low, 20-29 is mid, and 30 is high.

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it's constructed of lightweight fabric that's weather-, abrasion- and tear-resistant. and, despite the size, it'll fit the carry-on dimensions for most airlines and commuter plane overhead bins.

harry dent and the chamber of poor returns

'we are not fated to fail to break this tight symbiotic embrace between self-confident suppliers of dubious products and their cling-on customers. even fierce resistance can be overcome. index

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deep sea research center

of the fixed encounters, all of them except grendel and imp are quite useful, since they carry items that are difficult to get in large quantities.especially tri-face is helpful, since it's by far the fastest source of curse spikes and, by extension, dark matter in the game. elnoyle's encounter rate in deep sea deposit is extremely low, so it's best to go to esthar or use the fixed

triple triad

at max dominance 10 , it's nearly guaranteed some other region will adopt the dominant region's trade rule, and since dominance tends to be very high, this means the regions will tend to quickly change to the dominant region's trade rule but if it selects a region that already has the same rule, nothing happens . this region may or may not be the one the queen is located in.

the timber mission

the others are useful here and there, but not as useful as the ones high up on the list. the hyper wrist, obtained by refining the zell card, teaches a gf the str 60% ability, which naturally is a huge increase in physical power, especially if the character has a high base str through junctions or levels.

oven splatter guard/shield

with respect to cleaning, the body of the barrier is a heat resistant, teflon coated, mesh fabric which can be simply hand washed in hot soapy water or placed in a dishwasher as any other grease-laden cooking utensil. the same applies to the barrier support mechanism.

ultimecia castle

in this battle, you'll be going up against high defenses in trauma, alongside a powerful mt spr-ignoring attack. luckily, trauma holds the key to its own demise, making this a fairly easy battle. in addition to a physical, trauma will normally just cast drain on its dromas to heal itself it will also counter attacks this way .