deckscape exterior decks stain solid advantages for wood fence

sleeping dogs

this is separate from your face level see section 05c which is a measure of your rep in the city and unlocks a series of 'advantages' as you level-up. many of these advantages are the combat perks that are only applied when your face meter is activated. one of the most significant is the first to unlock - while your face meter is activated

paper mario: the thousand-year door

use the heart block if you have to, then slip through the black fence with paper mode. before entering the pipe, go left while keeping next to the fence to find a hidden star piece behind it. there's a volt shroom behind the other side of the fence anyway, once you're in the background, enter flurrie's house. puni calls to madame flurrie, but

the sims: livin' large

when you choose the water button, you will get a set of 3x3 tiles; eight of them are cheap, outdoor tiles meaning you will be able to delete or replace them and the one in the middle is the pool itself. when you spread them, the water area will get wider with the rest of the tile still surrounding them. also note that you need, at the very least, to place the ladder by the edge of the pool

final fantasy vii

--- while the all materia grants benefits in battle see section i.e. for more on materia , there may be times when you wish to forgo them. the r or l buttons will toggle your 'all' spells between affecting one or all allies/enemies. also note that all's benefits can also be applied outside of battle, as well. for instance, with a restore

duke nukem 3d: atomic edition

however this most likely does more harm than good, as you are vulnerable to the effects of the gun and you can take the solid 20 damage that it deals; on top of this it can actually freeze you if you are at low health it won't kill you, but any enemies around you will patiently wait for you to thaw to get their attacks in . additionally to use

battlefield hardline

there are exterior doors at both ends of the building that both lead to stairs up to the roof and once you get there you'll find a wooden room that cannot be accessed from inside the building. inside that rooftop lounge you'll find the file on a coffee table. if you've caught all the previous evidence you should receive a trophy at this point

ninja gaiden

if done correctly, jump one more time to land on the above ledge. you're basically ricocheting from one wall to another until you reach the top. once above, run down the hall, and make quick use of the 3 brown ninjas. go on the wooden grate, and jump upwards in a side-to-side pattern to reach the top. you'll now be in the: \ ninja

silent hill 2: director's cut

wooden plank ----- 'wooden plank with nails at one end. not very powerful, but easy to use.' this is the first weapon james acquires and stands as the weakest in the entire game. it is a two-by-four plank of wood about three feet long with nails at one end. it is only usable at extremely close range and only inflicts fairly light damage. keep a

the elder scrolls iv: oblivion

you'll want to work hard on your alchemy so you can brew your own poisons. the more pain you can dish out per shot, the better. chameleon and summoning spells are your friends. chameleon gives some of the benefits of invisibility; but, maintains the effect even when you attack. which is why 100% chameleon breaks the game--you can attack with

metroid prime

or you can shoot them all and wait for their gas to subside and than get to that ledge and to the next door. pit tunnel- infront of you will be a caged fence with a pillar sticking out high in the middle. the pillar has flamethrowers on it, but only above the caged fence. there is a hole for a morphball to enter at the beggining of the caged

jade empire

at first, the silk did nothing but polish the rough wood, but after thirty-four years the staff was perfectly smooth, strht and flawless. after finishing the staff, the monk told his abbot he was going for a walk to test his new staff, and he never returned. an exiled warrior eventually discovered the staff and attached a sharp blade that is

icewind dale ii

the haft is carved from solid oak and wrapped in thick cured leather. a mithril spike is attached to the haft where it protrudes from the head. when dn, the weapon glows with a soft blue luminance. stormcaller can call upon the elemental power of lightning. two times per day the user can cast a shocking grasp spell, and once per day call lightning down from the sky. stormcaller is another