5000 series fence blade slats

fenpro 5000 series blade slat - fencescreen

fenpro 5000 series blade slat is to be installed with included bottom locking channel only. notice of failure under the conditions of this warranty shall be sent to fencescreen, inc. or its authorized representative in writing, together with proof of purchase, and shall specify the nature of the defect, when

blade slat for chain link fence privacy from fenpro

90% privacy, bottom-lock fence blade slats. the 5000 series blade slats are the answer when you need increased privacy and security. designed for both residential and commercial chain link fence*, the 5000 series slats offers increased coverage with approximately 90% privacy and a clean finished look.

6000 series hedge slats - fenpro

if you want to get more out of your fence, think about the 6000 series natural hedge fence slats. the 6000 series are an easy way to upgrade your fence’s appearance and increase the privacy it provides. give us a call on 888.313.6313 to find out how the fenpro natural hedge 6000 series fence slat can help your project.

bottom lock channel for 3000 and 4000 series

the patented, bottom lock channels provide a secure "snap in" feature when installing 3000 series w slats or 5000 series blade slat on a chain link fence. the bottom lock channels are constructed from extruded high density polyethylene (hdpe), color pigments, and uv-inhibitors, that will provide a great-looking, product.

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w slat with bottom lock for chain link fence

our 3000 series fence w slat is one of the most economical ways to enhance the privacy, security, wind protection, and aesthetics of your chain link fence. blade slat , bottom lock - 5000 series 90%. bottom locking channel - attachment series. faux hedge slats - 6000 series 90%.

5000 series - blade slat - fenpro

when you need uncompromising privacy from your chainlink fence, fenpro 5000 series blade slats are the only option. the winged design of the fenpro 5000 series blade slats allows this product to provide 90% visibility blockage while still remaining lightweight and easy to install.

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