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let the giant bombcast guide you through this hectic holiday week with conversations on turkeys full of toothpaste, the pros and cons of fresno, assassin's creed ii, light-gun semantics, the last days of pandemic, and more brought to you by corningware giant bombcast 11-24-2009

grand theft auto: san andreas

regardless of your wins/losses, when you wager $10,000 altogether, you get to play at the $10,000 tables, and so on. of course, the house will also loan you money up to the table level you can play. if you can play at the $1,000,000 tables, the house will loan you up to $1,000,000. this is what i know. what i don't know is if you have to

grand theft auto: san andreas

if need be you can go back and grab that body armour on the table near the scientist if you didn't already. at the bottom you'll find a handy little item, a jet pack. equip the thing and jet out of this huge tower. when you shoot out the top they'll fire at you but you can just boost so high there's nothing they can do. now all that's left is a relaxing trip back to get your well earned reward

the sims bustin' out

table tennis from slammo fun 6 cost- 700 simoleons description- a ping-pong table. two sims can use it. unlock at- pixel acres unlock how- get promoted to extortionist in the gangster career path. specter detector seance table room 3, fun 4 cost- 1225 simoleons description- the action 'tell fortunes' gives fun. 'exorcise spirits' makes ghosts

wtf: work time fun

easily lost. easily broken. choking risk. keep away from children and old people too. no. 014 name: coin purse vinyl portable ashtray which was converted into a change purse due to poor sales. rumor has it that using it brings bad luck, and the manufacturer is now bankrupt. no. 015 name: firecracker mom-and-pop store series 1 a little boy's necessity. lighting it and throwing it so that it

mark and mick

left: mark ronson with his stepfather, foreigner's mick jones, in an undated photograph. ronson started djing when he was 17. 'i got really into hip hop,' he told cbs news' anthony mason. 'i knew

karaoke revolution party

if you play them in showtime or quick play and full song, your score will be compared to that already in the high score table and if it is higher, it will become the new high score. each difficulty has a separate table for the songs. ===== b. unlock progress ===== this list is based on the list of unlocks in the 'unlock progress' section of

grand theft auto: san andreas

those funny codes on the right side of the table of contents are search codes. it took a lot of tedious effort to put them in for you, so don't let them go to waste they're very easy to use. double click on the code inside the brackets, hit control-c, then hit control-f, then control-v, then the return key. you will instantly be taken to the correct place in the guide. one last thing before

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she's always been remarkably open about her struggles with addiction, her divorce from tennis great john mcenroe with whom she has three children , and a strained relationship with her dad. but o