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the shimmering bands of light and particles are reminiscent of the alaska sequences in the previous game. raiden moves over the ocean floor and locates the plants barnacle-encrusted maintenance outlet. he climbs up the ladder into the hatch. colonel: you have two mission objectives. one: infiltrate the offshore decontamination facility big shell and safeguard the president and other

thousand arms

you can see a slight discoloration on the wall, go to it and press x. nelsha tells us that we can get in from here. open it with x and go inside. myscatonia library: ----- we are standing on a platform suspended in the air. at the end of the platforms are several moving platforms which are colored differently. stand on one of these to move to the next platform. step onto the northeast mover

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as she skidded to a stop the smell of cooked rubber assaulted the air. hitting the curb tilting just enough to spill a couple little shits out causing the silkworm to mocking put her hand over her

final fantasy vii

* the zeidrich, minerva band, and touph ring are all lost-forevers that can only be stolen from rude, elena, and reno respectively during an optional battle in midgar later in the game . see also the optional fight with the turks above , in which the minerva band, zeidrich, and touph ring may be stolen. * the bahamut zero materia is a lost-forever that hinges on your ability to collect the


collectibles a. g and g cards b. rubber bands c. gnomes d. transistors e. yearbook photos f. dorm room trophies x. 100% completion checklist ***** i. chapter i: making new friends and enemies ***** *****a. main story missions***** 1. welcome to bullworth-- unlocks mission 'this is your school' congratulations you've been unceremoniously dumped at

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if you haven't seen any pictures, google it. bird's nest is an apt description. i like to think of it more like a giant rubber band ball. the water cube is wild, too. looks like a giant rectangle