2x4 timber for decking frame

the suffering

you'll see 2x4's blocking a door, shoot them off and then leave this room the way you came in and go into the next door on the right. there is a hole in the floor and a beast locked behind a fence, push the yellow button to shock the beast and witness something very interesting. leave this room and follow the corridor to a set of double doors, go through them to reach a checkpoint. the

tony hawk's underground 2

a-frame grind: grind the tippy-top of the house in the lower area. barn pool hip: this is the l-pool. hip transfer over the inside corner of the l. barn ramp manual: facing the l-pool building, with your back to the spiral, this ramp is to your right. it goes up to the l-pool's deck. manual down it. end spine: spine transfer out of the l-pool at the outside corner of the l. garagepool manual

dead rising 2: off the record

then kill a few and take a shot at the stand with a dead zombie, live zombie, masked zombie, and alien probe all in frame. new hotness - build one of the combo weapons new to dr2: otr did this on accident in fortune park with weed trimmer and knife. no zombies in the vents -unlock the secret shortcut completing wilted flower should earn this. out with the old - defeat the motorcycle

tony hawk's pro skater 3

suburbia ----- 2x4 hop ----- go down the slope from the start of the level, and then turn right and go along the street to come to the frame of the under construction ramp. under the frame, there are two wooden rails, and near the rails is a small launch ramp. jump from this ramp to a grind on one of the rails. airplane drop ----- this gap can

dishonored 2

go in, loot the place, and exit by smashing the 2x4 against the inner latch. when ready to continue, listen to meagan's briefing to learn the crown killer was last seen around addermire institute, the alchemist hypatia's laboratory. reaching it'll be the goal for the next two missions. meagan will relocate to the upper deck's skiff launch area, and ferries emily/corvo to the mainland when