plastic snap together flooring tiles

disgaea 4: a promise unforgotten

if you can determine this range through trial-and-error you can move characters just barely in range and attack, and then use lift and throw commands to pull them away, allowing you to deal damage to the enemy without the enemy moving so much as a single tile. <> when creating characters and equipping items, the two most overlooked stats are

help fixing my 3ds? top screen broken

that's the result of cheap plastic that's too tight to be around a metal hinge. eventually, it's likely to develop hairline cracks and snap off, regardless of how well you care for your system. it happened to me, though i upgraded before it could break completely. my friend's did break off, and she held hers together with duck tape for a while.

cracking open the lg nexus 4

cracking open the lg nexus 4. february 8, 2013 . transcript. google's nexus 4 offers a pure android experience on an unlocked device at a great no contract price. it's also fairly easy to

nanoleaf smarter kit review: nanoleaf's nifty smart bulb

nanoleaf's smarter kit is the latest connected home offering to support apple homekit, the set of smart-home control protocols programmed into the iphone and ipad.

dell venue 11 pro review: this atom-powered windows tablet

the good the well-built dell venue 11 pro has an excellent full-hd display, plenty of configuration options, and an optional keyboard and docking station. battery life is also excellent. the bad

the top 10 grid-based thinking games

the top 10 grid-based thinking games on gamefaqs. samegame, originally conceived as a game called chain shot and released onto japanese computers in 1985, is another highly addicting grid-based puzzle style which made its way onto many platforms with many different variants. like bejeweled, it lures in the player with a perfectly simple and innovative set of rules, only to pummel them with an

acer aspire switch 10 review: a unique hybrid with less

when using the tile-based windows 8 menu, you'd be hard-pressed to tell the difference, and windows 8 optimized apps, such as internet explorer and the excellent news app, feel fast and responsive

acer iconia w3 review: tablet puts win 8 in the palm of

the connection is a bluetooth one, powered by aaa batteries, so the two parts don't snap together as on other hybrids. instead, the screen sits, horizontally, in a rubberized slot along the top of

cracking open the kindle fire hd

like the original fire, the kindle fire hd is a snap to crack open with the help of a thin metal blade or plastic case opening tool, you can pop off the back cover, no tamper resistance screws

can tessera pack an ipo punch?

can tessera pack an ipo punch? as cell phones and other devices get smaller but more powerful, chip packaging is taking on increased importance.

dissecting the google home hub and amazon echo show 2

how are smart displays engineered and what's inside of them? techrepublic's cracking open experts bill detwiler and jason hiner take apart the google home hub and the amazon echo show 2 at ces

l case frames

of yours. hang them individually, or tile them together to make a photo mural, shown opposite. as for the rest of your retro-clutter, youre on your own. after last years magnetic tape