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8th wonder: . this place is a wonder to behold and few hold the splendor that apex sees as he walks by the dreamer's side. the green titan has traveled all over the world and seen many wonderful

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return to the east side and take the two djose spheres out of the wall and put them both in the pedestal. run to the west side of the room and step on the shiny floor panel to reset the pedestal. push it directly north into the next room and it will float on the electricity. you can now jump across to the other side and push the pedestal there

the power of xion

giles could feel the power coming off xander and filling the room like static electricity. the teen was glowing with power trying to keep buffy in the cage and he could see the sweat beading on

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the camera slowly pans upwards, then cuts to the same location hours later. jax has fallen asleep in his chair, a beer in his hand and leftover pizza on a nearby table, the only light coming from the television across the room flickering with static but showing nothing else. as he sleeps, the beer slowly tilts from his relaxing hand and begins

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most krogan trust and serve no one but themselves. this solitary attitude stems in part from a deep sense of fatalism and futility, a profound social effect of the genophage that caused krogan numbers to dwindle to a relative handful. not only are they angry that the entire galaxy seems out to get them, the krogan are also generally pessimistic about their race's chances of survival. the


the seven; the seven chambers; the seven cities of gold; the seven deadly seas; the seven districts of sin: the tail makes the fox - episode 1; the seven spells of destruction; the seven spirits of ra; the seven stages; the seven years war 1756-1763 the seventh dragon; the seventh seal the resurrection of the dark lord


related to the above point, don't trust everything the game tells you. i'm not sure if it's a localization thing, but some in-game info is bordering on being misleading. you sometimes shouldn't think about the game's objective and hint messages too literally. 4. read the manual actually, another point i wanted to make about the manual is that it contains its own 'official' hints sheet. so if

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the exile is stated to be have an aptitude for severing others' connections to the force: after he leaves to fight the mandalorians in the early skirmishes before the outbreak of the mandalorian


the real reason to equip the tonic would be to increase the damage inflicted by the static discharge tonic. if you have space and static discharge in a slot then electric flesh becomes more valuable. t: electric flesh 2 d: you take much less damage from electricity. you deal much more damage when you use electrical attacks l: frank fontaine's


the gate opens, and steinman runs again. either kill or zap and hack the bot and turret, and continue on. if you check the hole in the wall with water pouring out of it on the left side, you'll find some ammo and other loot. there's also a free gene tonic static discharge sitting by the corpse leaning against the wall across from the hole

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count dooku/darth tyranus respect thread part 2 by shootingnova april 20, 2017 18 comments this is the second half of my respect thread for count dooku, featuring his force powers.

vine city: the ruin kingdom

the time period from twelve to three am is known as the witching hour a time period where satanic spirits are supposed to be at their worse. three am was also, the time period in which the one