solid oak wood composite glass door with white open painting

ante-up: the genesis archer vs gambler rpg

archer opened his room door and headed down a narrow corridor that was painted a comfortable shade of brown, the walls of the corridor displayed many pictures of archer, it showed all of the place

baldur's gate: the original saga

you get the better choice of thac0 and saves between the classes, meaning a fighter/mage would use their better fighter thac0 instead of their worse mage thac0 or some composite. hit points, however, are a composite, essentially halving the dice rolls of both classes and giving them to you. if a fighter/thief levels up in both classes, they get

fallout 3

to open the door you'll need a key, which we're going to grab just now. of course you may also want to use your science skill to hack the terminal, or use your lockpick skill to lockpick the door. after all, this gives you experience, and that's a good thing. there are raiders around here, but head to the room north from here anyway. many goodies can be grabbed here: the super-duper pharmacy

minecraft: pocket edition

wood: found as tree trunks, these are the sole source of wooden planks in mcpe. wood comes in the form of oak, birch, and spruce. oak has a light brown color, birch is white with black, and spruce has a dark brown. can be mined with anything, but an axe is fastest. can be crafted into 4 wooden planks per wood block, and can be smelted into 1 charcoal per wood block. wood blocks can also be

sacred 2: gold edition

*the white griffin: big and scary looking, and puts up a really tough fight. if you stay in close you're going to get stunned a lot, so make sure you always have enough health to take a few seconds of pounding. ranged is good here, and retreating works wonders too. there is a long way to go whittling this guy down, so take your time and stay calm. divine intervention is a great tactic to use

animal crossing: happy home designer

white tile floor restaurant white wood floor chrissy white-carpet floor day 3 wooden-deck floor deli yellow flooring day 2. doors. antique door baroque doors black door blossom divider blue door blue iron door brown door cabana door curtained door dotted sliding doors exotic divider folding door gorgeous doors gothic doors

top 10 hp printing problems and how to fix them

second, the toner cartridge may be defective and letting too much toner out at one time. in a black-and-white laser printer, the solution is to replace the toner cartridge. in a color laser

tales of vesperia: definitive edition

the door behind it will not open, so return to the warp blastia and go west. the door to the building here is locked as well. instead, open the two chests for epee and a st hat. go around the bend and walk towards the trap door on the floor for a scene. with the trap door open, climb down the ladder. in the cellar, shoot the machinery a few

the sims 2 deluxe

i once had a crappy painting which was worth about §56, and when i remembered about it, it was worth §500 man was that a great deal. the price of sale increased by over 450%. you can also do this with the painting you can buy like the §5500 one but it will increase slower, it increased only §78 in 3 days. ----- 5.04 need control this

pokemon soulsilver version

while hoppip tends to be a tad too difficult to train, the latter two are solid team members. mareep is the first electric-type pokemon you can get, having good special attack and being easy to use once it learns thundershock at level 10. wooper has a unique type characteristic that belongs to no other pokemon in the johto dex, making it immune to electric and having only one weakness - grass

icewind dale: enhanced edition

the first time you get blasted by a 40-damage magic missile or a 120 damage cone of cold, you'll get the point. --> play good characters. you'll be able to wear the shimmering sash, which will give you a three-point WPC class boost. it matters. you'll also be able to use three white doves and the blessed helm of lathander. --> play humans