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metal gear

after his career in various mercenary troops like south africa mercenaries and french foreign legion, in the 'zanzibar independence war', commonly referred to as 'war of the mercenaries' he was severely wounded in his right thigh, and his professional military career was over. he once worked as a negotiator but shortly afterwards became a war

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resident evil

now from this save room, exit out of the door, not the stairs, in this hallway head south of the screen and you will spot 2 doors, one on the left wall farther down the screen and one on the right wall close by, and a passage heading off into the right corner, ignore the passage and the closer door for now because it is locked, head for the

metal gear solid: the twin snakes

===== the outer heaven uprising ===== from metal gear released 1987 foxhound operator solid snake infiltrates outer heaven, a fortress-nation deep in the heart of south africa, and destroys their prototype weapon metal gear, a walking tank with nuclear capability. in the process, he discovers that the leader of outer heaven is none other

resident evil 0

on the wall to the west is the control panel for the gondola but to make it work we need to find the control panel. but for now run over to the other side of the room and ride the elevator there down. once you are down here ignore the damn doors to the dam and head south of this room. now the tyrant will be back for another fight with you, but since it couldnt kill becky when she was alone

resident evil code: veronica x

shoot them if you need to though. now, head around the kitchen area, and grab the map of the wall here, and now head over to the shelf. grab the handgun bullets from here. now head into the wooden door which you haven't yet been through. run down this room, until you see a blue book. take it, and read. continue to run down this room, until you get to some handgun bullets on a small shelf. grab

evil genius

- europe mayan statue ? - south america giant diamond ? - south africa sonic generator - central russia pete bog - antarctica 3 c . g a m e m e c h a n i c s now for the in-depth specifics of how things work in evil genius and notes on various miscellaneous statistics of the game. agent types ----- agents come in many forms. there are four

resident evil 4

so now we have to go through them one at a time. this is one of the things that can get really risky if you dont know a tip to make it easier, in this case you will find a top portion of a wall ripped, stand right in front of the wall and take out the scope and start aiming, this is the perfect sniper spot for you. aim at the villagers in the

resident evil 2

middle, right, left but as soon as you head to get the wheel mr x drops breaks through the wall, and tries to get you.but its more easier to avoid him right now, take the wheel quickly and head out the door, now head back to the door to the exit, mr x will again burst through the wall, this time its a little harder to avoid him to i avoid to

resident evil outbreak

we're all here. this room sports a green herb as well as a first aid spray. it would also be helpful if you checked that sparkle on the east wall to copy the sketch of the laboratory to your map. there's a zombie here, but she probably won't wake up, so don't worry about her. note: there's two maintenance panels here, but they're bolted shut

bully: scholarship edition

when in a grapple then you can also throw a person back by pressing the y button again. if you throw a person into another person then you can hurt the both of them. this will make fighting easier. in addition, you can push someone up against the wall and knee them in the groin by pressing the y button.

clock tower 3

continue down the hallway and there is an open door on the south wall, and if you continue to the end of the hall you find a roped-off door on the north wall that would have lead out back into the balcony area through the roped-off door to the right of the balcony stairs that you saw earlier, and a dead end. go through the open door on the south wall to enter a costume storage area. take in

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in the end, america will vote and decide which product should be 'made in the usa'. the panel of judges includes karim rashid, noted contemporary designer, nolan bushnell, founder of atari and chuck e cheese, and joy mangano, who herself has earned millions by selling her products on hsn.

resident evil 3: nemesis

quickly exit the gas station. 8. avoid the 3 dogs again with the same method, stick with the wall while they jump and head back to the previous room. 9. head south the fork and exit through the large double doors. 10 . head up the screen with shotgun in hand, 8 zombies here will be coming for you, fire 3 shells at the most to take down alot of

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super robot wars alpha gaiden walkthrough by mark neidengard mneideng ugcs.caltech.edu version 1.1 9-18-01 this document is intended to be one and a half? steps removed from an actual line-by-line translation of the game.