wood deck railing construction details

fallout 4: game of the year edition

the building has four stories and the costume is located on the fourth. stay near the entry and use v.a.t.s. to locate ghouls. one can usually be targeted through a gap in the ceiling and two more occupy the restroom across the shop. even silent action will eventually be noted, so expect to face about seven ghouls before the floor is cleared. watch for at least one to drop from the second floor.

where can i find all of the cigarette cards?

the building to the east of the gunsmith is a large blue structure. go around behind it and you can find the cigarette card on a table covered by some dirty laundry. 4: elephant carriage; in stberry, behind the building just to the west of the post office. go behind the building, and then climb up the staircase leading to the backdoor. the

metal gear solid 4: guns of the patriots

the biggest building here has some .223 ammo below it, and some 7.62mm inside of it. in another area inside this building, you will find some stun grenades, 9x39mm ammo, and the vss sniper rifle. outside you will find a regain on a table. finally, there is some anesthesia and .45 ammo outside near a pile of wood or steel i think. when you're

the evil within

there are two bear claws next to this building which is the same building that contains the save hub/mirror . dismantle them for 2 parts and look to the right at the end of this small path to find 300 green gel and a box you can smash, but be warned, since the corpse will come alive. if you still have the axe, now's a good time to use it. you can enter the building, and if you sneak

constructor 1997

as it is required for the construction of every building, it is wise to ensure you have a constant supply of wood. it may be a good idea to permanently post a small workgang in a wood yard or factory in an area that won't disturb local tenants. this should provide you with a steady influx of wood, yet not waste too many staff in the process. additional workers can always be temporarily added

forbidden siren 2

siren 2 general/detail/info faq v.2.31 28. 8. 2013 ----- found out and compiled by akheon see the end of the file for more information. -1. intro and abbreviations: pc = player character the character you control npc = non-player character a sidekick or an enemy, for example fpv = first person view m1 = mission 1 m2 = mission 2 fmv = full motion video the first thing you see is the

grand theft auto iv

although not to the same scale as 'grand theft auto: san andreas', gta iv is packed with little details that make the metropolis of liberty city feel more alive than in the last generation versions of the 'grand theft auto' series. one of the biggest differences between gta iv and the previous installments is how people behave. you can push them around, fight them barehanded, push them around

how do i build the bridge for the robot?

next place the side railings make sure you have the right size of pipe before u place them down i not sure if i remember right but i dont think u need the archways double check to see of u have the rockets in the right direction tobar should walk across the bridge when u are finshed if he doesn't make sure nothing is blocking him