deck layout for a 18 x 33 ft pool

gears of war 2

kick open the gate using x or roadie run up to it to have marcus kick it automatically and pick up the grenades on the other side, to the right. throw one into the building where the wretch appears. carmine, rookie that he is, will toss a grenade too close to the group and nearly put a premature end to your adventure. interact with your squadmates to revive them and head through the fence

darksiders ii

this room consists of a central structure housing the heart of stone flanked by two pools of water. the pool on the left has access to another room above and the pool to the right has inactive machinery, a crushing device with a rock or two inside nearby and a lever that we cannot activate yet. at the far end of the room is a locked door. use

donkey kong 64

slam it to make a bunch of monkey tongues come out. jump up them be careful, the tongues will go back in after a while , getting the bananas 18 . when you reach the top, look over to the other side of the room. shoot the peanut switch on the wall. now very carefully cross the new monkey tongue bridge, getting the three banana bunches 33 . at

top 18x33x54' oval above ground swimming pool 54

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the misadventures of tron bonne

don't use a refractor ore, if you got one because the amount of zenny it would take away from the costs of the e. tanks would be much greater than the cost of the e. tanks themselves meaning you'd lost money next, talk to 33 after making all three e. tanks and he'll be able to make some e. bottle 3's. go ahead and buy ten of them the

growlanser: heritage of war

a knack's uses can be recharged by resting at an inn. 7. item - select an item from either the items or special menus, and press the x button to confirm. then select a character or enemy to use to use the item on and press the x button once again to confirm. special items can only be used in specific events. you will not be able to use them

secret of mana

the longer way is by foot. just follow the path, while beating rabites, lullabuds and mushbooms. be sure not to take the path to pandora south at the intersection , since you can't enter it. you can stop by at neko's place, where you can sleep, save and shop. neko is a freaking swindler, though prices are doubled , so you should only buy things you cannot get elsewhere. as of this moment

sonic adventure dx: director's cut

mission 33: 'shoot yourself out of the cannon and get the balloon ' start: egg carrier - the mission object is in the pool. clear: egg carrier - a balloon is has appeared over the deck. go into one of the cannons and get the balloon. mission 34: 'can you find the balloon that is hidden on the ship's bridge?' start: egg carrier - the mission

dark cloud

that is, the key item to the back- floors. the key item here is the sun dew. use it in those little pool areas with a shiny leaf floating in the water. territory 1: ^^^^^ the first and foremost thing to do is collect the atla scattered throughout the level. this level's enemies are comprised of the three days of the week: wednesday, thursday and saturday. don't underestimate their size. they

eternal sonata

---x x---x x--- -----tc8 -- -- ground walk left and take the rope down. go left, behind a rock wall where you'll stay out of view for a while, but keep going until you reach the western ledge. from here, jump right, twice and enter a green opening that takes you down to a lower ledge where there's a rope, but first, walk forwards so

l.a. noire

after following on foot for a bit you'll be put into a car and given a new objective. ===== new objective: tail june ballard ===== keep your distance from her car: the icon on the mini-map will start to blink if you're too close or too far away. this isn't a very long tail, to be honest, as june will stop at a coffee shop a few blocks away. you'll have to get out of the car and follow her in

far cry 4

the layout of the monastery essentially forces you to run around in circles as you check on all three bombing targets. fortunately, the area is small and it takes 40 or so seconds to make a ap the ziplines at the top of the monastery act as a shortcut . keep an eye on the timers and make sure they don't get too low, and prioritize if you need to. there is an ammo cache in the back of the