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crime life: gang wars

this place is safe from the snipers and also is the first gang tag in this area. exit this area and take a left, following the road until there is a left turning on the road. break down the unstable fence panel and follow the fence to the right and go around the building until you are on the other side. head through the wrecked building to your

chapter 9: fugitives

after the conversation, take alice inside the market now. before talking to the clerk, look around the store to find a doll for alice and the hardware supplies. now talk to the cashier, who is unable to provide any help. if you used the gun in stormy night, you can hold up the clerk now. you have to confirm doing so with another choice, and

settlement questions answered

also when building fences, build the posts and the fence will snap in place correctly. so post -> fence wall -> post -> wall etc. well that's stupid.. kind of defeats the purpose of having a fence. and nice fence/wall tip. here's a tip for snapping most walls together so it's less of a pain. take a piece of wood floor with you and put it down

minecraft: switch edition

stick are made using wood planks, so highlight them and make a good supply but not so many that you waste all your wood planks . next, press rb to change tabs in the crafting table. this section is your tools, and your option on the far left is the bread and butter of minecraft: the pickaxe. highlight it and craft a wooden pickaxe out of 3 wood planks and 2 sticks. equip that baby, and our

getting a laser printer, worth it?

getting a laser printer, worth it? by ms.gadgettes jun 10, 2008 4:01am pdt i was visiting my friend last week and he went in his office to print a map.