above ground pool bench

yomawari: night alone

once you reach the school building entrance the backpack here does nothing, only creeps you out , stick to the wall above you and continue northeast. if you by any chance saved at the track field statue, save on the one northeast of the pool entrance. open the pool door with the key you have, the pool is full of the tall, thin ghosts. remember

floor b2: boilerworks

if it gets away, follow the trails it makes on the water and aim your strobulb in the right area to find it. three mini hammers will appear around the pool to try and throw you off. defeat them as well to end the fight. destroy the bench in the lower-right corner for a few coins, then make your way to the green pipe in the upper-left. the


you have to reach the high ground to the left and super dash to the right.grab the rancid egg below before continuing. talk to the nailmaster and choose yes to learn the great slash. do not use the bench so you can reload from the previous one. open your map and go all the way to the lake of unn.

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file 02 awake

enceladus is a massive boss that floats above ground and has detached floating hands arms. he mostly attacks with its arms, so you need to pay attention to them. your main source of damage is when you counter the boss's dash attack, this knocks back the boss and gives you a chance to deal big damage. if you do this counter, remember to attack

fantasy football week 4 start 'em and sit

fantasy football week 4 start 'em and sit 'em: quarterbacks with a stacked complement of weapons, philip rivers has the chance to be one of the best options on the board in week 4, jamey eisenberg says.

lego harry potter: years 1-4

wl the pieces that fell onto the floor, then wl the completed piece. wl the pieces on the ground to the right of the mermaid statue, then shoot the painting to get disguised as a girl. now the painting above the door at the end of the hall will let you in. the disguise doesn't last forever, though, so if it comes off, shoot the painting again