winder breaker for decking

eternal sonata

leave the room and enter the adjoining room at the right of the counter, and talk to the man there. he's lost his pet rat and it's running around the room. no, it's not a catch the rat mini-game, retto does it all for you. you'll hand over the fruit basket containing the rat and the traveller gives you a winder. investigate the plant next to

custom robo arena

go out onto the ship's deck. after all that stuff is over, go to the tournament grounds. stand in line between liv and dennis. the rules will be the same as last time, just with much fewer fighters. once you are in the forest, take that path below you and follow it. you'll talk to lunax across the river. liv will tell you to head east, so do it. you'll see solax and terrax, so lets battle them

breath of fire iv

once inside, first go the upstairs and up the ladder to reach the deck, and open up the nearby chest to pick up a brass helm. then go back down and operate the winch, causing the anchor outside to drop down to ground level. go back out, then go stand on the platform that lowered when you operated the lever. it will carry you back up to the top. once you disembark, proceed to the north, into


look behind you and you'll notice a 4-person bicycle circling the lower deck. there is also a cardboard zebra set piece with two steward dolls in front of it. wait for the bicycle to come close, and use the make way ability at the right time to cause the bicycle to stop. stack into the size 4 steward doll at the front of the bicycle. use his ability pedal bike to crash into the set piece. this

xenoblade chronicles x

assault breaker assault rifle, 6 burning slash longsword, 8 notes: samurai gunner branches into the level 4 class, duelist. art description: tp boost melee accuracy boots total melee attack increases damage taken. this one uses more tension point arts as it also focus on more damage from melee attacks. build up your tension points as

breath of fire iv

entre e suba umas escadas para chegar ao deck e pegar um baú brass helm . desça e ative a ancora apertando x. saia e suba na ancora que caiu. você ira subir. siga o caminho até chegar em uma construção. você verá um velho e ele lhe dirá que há muitas partes de sandflier porém com o tempo a areia as encobriu.