flush with ground deck ideas

paper mario: the thousand-year door

super hammer 2 fp : 4/6 damage to front ground enemy, 1 unchangeable damage to all ground enemies behind it action command: hold the control stick left and release it when the red circle lights up style command: hit a with perfect timing a few seconds into the spin the timing tutor badge is the only way to find it the super hammer is a spin

yu-gi-oh 5d's stardust accelerator: world championship

corse modern deck 923 he uses a psychic deck, but it isn't up to par with the deck krebons has in wc mode. he shouldn't be much trouble for you at this point. figaro / corse new old ideas 918/923 beating that team 5x unlocks royal firestorm guards / flamvell archer as a wc mode tag opponent. that makes 10 tag opponents unlocked, however


the spot he wakes in has a white sleeping bag on the ground, which can be used just as a bed to save and recover health. going down one screen, you see various people walking and lounging about. a women informs you that this is the *caryards* and that the place is controlled by the *king*. there are various other inhabitants that give useful

can anyone give me a good deck recipe?

i am believe in my deck everytime but not in a machine psp, computer only in my real life i can believe in my deck. since i believe in my deck, i win mainly all duel because i am believe in my deck.i sometime my duel is in danger but i believe in my deck so my deck give me a card like monster reborn or spirit reaper

x-com: terror from the deep

hint: here's a trick that you can use if you do not have one: try to pick up the unconscious alien on the ground will also identify alien's rank and position. hint: use mcr to check if the alien have enough tus to attack you. if not, they are prime candidates for hth attacks. 8. ground weapons, WPC, and sws 'all right, class listen up ' the

dragon quest v: hand of the heavenly bride

for dragon quest v: hand of the heavenly bride on the ds, faq/walkthrough by threetimes. close the menu * examine if you are standing somewhere then you will examine the ground. if you are next to something, then you will get some information about it. * attributes this option will show all current party members and the wagon on the bottom screen and their attributes and equipment on the

gambit character

he retracts gambit and in doing so, wisdom now deems gambit armed with weapons of mass destruction and an enemy of the ground. gambit manages to escape the ankle device and uses the device's

mercenaries: playground of destruction

you have to defend the artillery cannons against both air and ground attacks from the south koreans. although the ground forces may seem like a big threat, the chinese troops can pretty much handle themselves. however, the biggest threat for this mission comes in the form of the helicopters, which are the most dangerous threat to the artillery