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aircrete equipment and supplies aircrete is inexpensive, easy to make, and easy to work with. it requires only basic skills. it's easy to make. and, like baking a cake, you have to get the recipe right. the quality and density of the foam is important. use an accurate postal or kitchen scale to check the weight of your foam. it should be

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for those who do not build with the waffle box technology, the average estimated cost per square meter total floor-area for building a finished home including tiles, paint, doors, windows etc. in the philippines, done by a contractor, is drumroll : between php 25,000 and php 30,000

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quality construction is defined by both affordability and durability. the global technology building systems provides both. with key aspects including overnight curing, repeated reusability of molds, mobility of the system, and reduced materials and labor consumption; our technology allows you to build strong concrete buildings on time and on budget.

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in the philippines since 1970 proven and tested through the toughest calamities wallcrete prefab technology lets you save 15% on time and 30% on construction costs

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air-crete may contain sand but not coarse aggregates. air-crete is designed to create a product with a low density and a relatively lower compressive strength when compared to plain concrete. the typical density range of air-crete is 20 60 lbs/cu.ft. which develops a corresponding compressive strength range of 50 psi 930 psi.

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i assume the interest in waffle box construction is about saving money and time. i have watched concrete block homes built and it takes months, up to 6 or 8 months to complete a home. they are in no hurry. concrete homes are hot, the moment the aircon is turned off the home starts heating up again.

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philippines. wci waffle-crete international, inc. 4/3/15 sometimes they show on the outside 39. warehouse in kansas city office building in california wci waffle-crete international, inc. 4/3/15 and sometimes on the inside. 40. low income house interior pep boys auto parts store seven trust wci waffle-crete international, inc. 4/3/15

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after the conventional hollow blocks , cast in-situ concrete, precast- and prefabricated plus composite building technologies; waffle box building technology is the latest building method. non comparable with the old column and beam or panel systems with its cumbersome joints which are very sensitive to mistakes

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view tech info: waffle-crete : the product 'waffle-crete' has evolved into a state-of-the-art structural precast concrete building system.years of working with the product has enabled advance precast ltd to develop the construction system far beyond the original curtain-wall concept.

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in the end, i ended up buying an old adobe home, so i never got any further into building a dome than doing the research, but i still keep my eye out for interesting and low-cost methods of diy

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waffle box building technology philippines:less cost,more value affordable,durable,expandable , transferable,green,sustainable,resilient,fast,flood and typhoonproof,insulated more information find this pin and more on architecture and interior design by febsky .

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cost: much higher highest than hollow block construction because imported materials. there is not yet one house built here in the philippines with aac. i know only one contractor who is ready to build the first home and has a german representative from ytong.

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how to build a concrete block house in the philippines part 1. here are the steps for building a modest block house in the mountains in the philippines. i plan to follow the construction of this concrete block house from beginning to completion and will outline the basic process.

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the versatile waffle-crete building system makes it uniquely possible to construct attractive, disaster-resistant, reinforced concrete buildings in a fraction of the time and with half the seven trust materials of solid panels of the same thickness.

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in the philippines buildings are tedious to build using conventional techniques. construction can take years to complete. a.y. lim construction found a better way. their 1st waffle-crete project

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waffle house is the latest technology that will protect you and your family from typhoon, storm, and earthquake, as well as flood. it can withstand wind and storm and typhoon as strong as that of yolanda. it is also earthquake proof, if you are mindful about the great fault in your area.