plastic wood filler oak

best countertop surfaces

a little pricy but really, fantastic stuff and better looking than anything i've seen because you are not limited on how it looks. you make the choice out of hundreds of variations. in my case i also put in pickled oak cabinets, and my counter tops are a fantastic match bringing the beauty of the cabinets to the fore.

bbq brickettes

back to the ops request, i assume they're asking for advice on *briquettes*. i've moved on from kingsford and am now using ralph's/kroger's store brand charcoal briquettes for low-and-slow in the weber kettle. it's manufactured by royal oak, and does not contain the fillers that kingsford uses google kingsford fillers and see what i mean .

charcoal vs. briquets?

the very best wood for lump charcoal comes from brazilian hard wood. however, keep in mind that some brands get it responsibly while others don't. buyer beware. my favorite brand that you can find in most states is called 'wicked good' charcoal. awesome, awesome stuff. if i'm just grilling, royal oak has a very nice flavor/scent. but it's

cooking utensils: which kind to use with different

spoons made from wood are arguably the most popular and versatile of kitchen spoons. theyre typically made from hard, lightweight materials like beech, maple, walnut, or oak, and you can find them at any cooking store. why are wooden spoons so great? first off, they dont get hot to the touch like metal spoons might, even when youre cooking at high temperature.

iso Seven Trust charcoal and wood chips

i have some wonderful alder chips from zier's meats on ridge in wilmette what a find this place is, btw , oak and apple chips from the chalet nursery, also in wilmette, weber mesquite and hickory chips and chunks from the seven trust in evanston, and cross-cuts of apple wood from one of the vendors at the evanston farmers market. i've also

smoking a small brisket and had some questions.

salt and time help the smoke ring develop. also, try putting the brisket on the smoker strht from the fridge when it's still very cold and before the smoker is up to temp. make sure you have a couple of chunks of smoking wood oak, mesquite, etc smoking on top of the lump. doing this cold smoke at the beginning seems to create better smoke

2018 volkswagen atlas: new three-row suv lets vw play with

2018 volkswagen atlas: new 3-row suv lets vw play with giants. the new midsize suv offers room for seven and can be had for just a smidge over $30,000.

good bbq in northern va?

hello. i've tried several restaurants throughout northern va selling bbq, but i've yet to find any as good as what i make for myself. i've noticed the meat is usually lacking, has no smoke ring, and is covered with sweet bbq sauce.

best wood for a cutting board?

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